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SEO service is known by the full name of Search Engine Optimization. Over time search platforms such as Google, Baidu, and Bing. However, Google is proving to be superior in both optimization and number of users, from which they optimize the search engine to help solve the needs of users from business, and knowledge to daily information.

Therefore, implementing SEO is extremely necessary to deploy an activity that wants to reach customers

To understand why we need SEO, here we will help you visualize this:

– Customers actively approach search information, they already know their needs and need more information;

– Closing the deal is easier than the traditional marketing approach because customers are proactive and they have a need to find information or want to buy;

– Easy to convey complete information;

– One of the trending marketing methods;

– Suitable from local brands, multinationals to corporations, all need to convey the motto of operation;

– Conveying official information through the website;

– Reach end-users in need.

From there, the company can bring products/services to users. Of course, there is competition, but if you do it right, you will have a chance to explode your business growth.

SEO is a process that does not take 1-2 months to get results immediately, you need to focus on promoting from the first days to get results in the future.

On average, you need 5-6 months to cover niche, main, and geographical keywords. There are also negative keywords when being played unfairly by competitors, they will affect brand health.

We are a team that has 9 years of experience and have implemented more than 30 successful projects in the leading competitive markets and segments such as real estate, aesthetics, home appliances, and electronics supermarkets, with a website with hundreds of thousands to millions of monthly traffic.

What special do we have?

– Stable growth of keywords, continuously added and unlimited keywords;

– The cost is much more reasonable than an in-house team;

– Can combine both inhouse (current team) with outsourcing;

– Working clearly;

– Proactively implement and propose plans;

– Have a plan;

– Commit to KPI in each period;

– Have a comprehensive solution for SEO in particular and marketing in general;

– Report and KPI is always updated daily/weekly/monthly;

– Have done many difficult projects;

– Have experience in handling and providing quick solutions;

– Have content, and designers provide comprehensive solutions;

– Commit to completing the goal by month and pay later.

With confidence and clarity in the workflow, now our team will execute the project first and then review it monthly. Since then, paying later makes the risk almost non-existent.

Outside of Australia, we can now implement SEO in most markets today


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